The Benefits Of Reverse Parking

Published: 27th August 2008
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Reversing into a parking space as offers numerous advantages. The first is financial. It has been estimated that reversing into a parking space so that you can drive away forwards can save £2 per week on fuel. It takes the engine from an average five year old car around one and a half minutes to warm up and reach maximum fuel efficiency. The most effective way to warm the engine is by driving it smoothly away. Reversing out of a parking space when the engine is cold uses around twenty to twenty five times more fuel in the first seconds than it does when warm. If you reverse out of a parking space an average of 10 times a week then this additional cost in fuel adds up to around £2 around a week. So by making sure you pull out of your parking space forwards you could save around £100 per year. This doesn't include the money you will also save from decreasing the wear to your car's engine.

Reverse parking, also know as bay parking, is also widely considered to be safer. Firstly at slow speeds a car has greater maneuverability going backwards than it does going forwards. Also reversing into an area you can see, namely a parking bay is safer than reversing out into an area you can't see i.e. a busy road. It is also a lot easier to control a car going forwards than it is backwards when it is first started and attempting a high risk manoeuvre such as reversing when you have just entered a car are not necessarily concentrating to the best of your abilities is more dangerous.

Increased security is another advantage. Reversing close to a wall or other large object can make it harder for a thief to break into your car. Also if for personal security reasons you needed to leave a parking space quickly, driving forwards would allow you greater acceleration and improved vision.

To make reversing into a parking bay easier you can lower the left mirror to provide a better guide to your lateral position. If all the parking spaces run in parallel rows you can line your car up with the space in front and reverse back in a straight line. This should automatically position you in the centre of the parking bay.

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