Taking The UK Driving Test In Your Own Car

Published: 18th June 2008
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Learning to drive in the UK can be a costly affair. To obtain the skills needed to pass the driving test, practical as well as the driving theory test, the average person is looking at a bill of around £800.

Most of this cost is taken up by paying for professional driving lessons.

Due to this cost many learner drivers supplement paid for lessons by taking free tuition from family and friends. In fact it is not unusual for a learner driver to spend more time driving their own or a family members car than that of their driving schools . This often leads the learner to feel more confident driving their own car than that of their driving schools. Hence the increasing amount of learners who are choosing to take the practical driving test in their own cars.

If this is the route you choose then be aware that you and your car will need to fulfil the following requirements.

Your car must be insured for use a driving test vehicle. Not all car insurance companies will insure for this purpose. You will have to phone around to find the best deal. The driving test examiner will need you to sign a declaration stating that your car insurance is in order. If you are unable or unwilling to sign this form then the driving test will not go ahead.

Your car must be legally road worthy and have a valid MOT certificate.

A fully functional seat belt must be fitted to the front passenger seat.

Your car must have a valid tax disk.

L plates displayed at the front and rear of the car.

A clear view to the rear other than by the exterior mirrors must be seen.

An interior mirror for the examiner's use must be fitted.

A head restraint fitted to the front passenger seat must be fitted.

An additional interior rear-view mirror suitable for use by the driving test examiner must be fitted.

Specially adapted cars may be exempt from these requirements.

If you overlook any of these your test will be cancelled you will lose your fee.

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