Avoid The A-Pillar Blind Spot

Published: 23rd September 2008
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Structurally cars are far hardier today than they have every been. One of the key factors in making cars stronger is the evolution of the A pillar. The A pillar is the section of car that separates the windscreen and the side windows. Over the years in an attempt to enhance the overall structure of the car motor vehicle makers have created an ever sturdier A pillar. The downside to this increase in strength however is that the A pillar has become thicker and has helped decrease driver vision. In fact road safety activist are now claiming that the modern A pillar has created a blind spot the obstructs the vision the numerous modern car drivers.

A study commissioned by the Department of Transport from the Transport Research Laboratory found that, while the A pillar can obscure vision, there is rarely only one factor which contributes to an accident. The study concluded that there was not enough evidence to claim that changes to current legislation regarding A pillar design were necessary.

This means that it is the drivers responsibility to take into account any restriction in vision caused by an A pillar. More than 90 percent of the information from the cars external environment is viewed by the driver through the windscreen and windows. So, first, you should be aware of the potential restriction the A pillar may cause in your ability the scan the road ahead.

It is vital to make sure that nothing is concealed by the A pillar before moving off or performing an manoeuvre such as pulling out of a parking space. People on foot or on bikes are easy to lose in the space behind a pillar. When driving towards a road junction it is wise to look further ahead and scan left to right as you continue to drive forward. That way you will see things through the windscreen before they become lost behind the pillars.

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